Our healthcare team offers 24-hour care and assistance to our residents. 

The team consists of Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses, Pharmacy Technicians and Certified Health Care Aides. All of our healthcare staff are certified, trained in emergency procedures and attend workshops for continued training and skills development. We pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide for our residents. 

Healthcare services are based on our resident's individual needs. We provide one-on-one personal assistance with everything from minor assistance to full nursing care and restorative care.    

We also offer temporary convalescent or restorative care stays for those individuals who are presently living in their own homes and are recovering from an illness or a surgery. These programs offer one on one restorative care and health care to assist individuals  in reclaiming their independence. 

Working in partnership with Jean Coutu Pharmacy in Devon, we provide medication management and administration to our residents.